The Project

The Westshore Skatepark Coalition (WSC) and West Shore Parks & Recreation (WSPR), are working in partnership to a build a new 13,000 Square foot multi-purpose All-wheels Skatepark in the Westshore that features 3 distinct areas providing free outdoor recreation opportunities to a large spectrum of participants. This park would support children, youth and families with interests in skateboarding, scootering, cycling and rollerskate/blading in growing communities of the Westshore

The only skatepark on the Westshore was demolished on October 13, 2015 due to the land being sold for development. Since the skateparks removal, it is estimated that 7640 Westshore youth have been without a skatepark or social gathering space each year that goes by this number grows.

The loss of the park has left a profound gap in the community, an absence of free, low barrier options for youth and families. An All-Wheels Skatepark provides many forms of unstructured play within a vibrant community setting. It promotes: being outdoors, participation of youth and families, physical activity, social connectedness, creativity and provides opportunities for physical distancing during times of a pandemic. Socioeconomic factors, such as age, gender, culture and education do not limit participation.

Without a park, youth will continue to skate, bike, rollarskate/blade and scooter in parking lots, driveways and roadways in the Westshore leaving local youth exposed to unnecessary risk. It’s commonly advocated that if your community doesn’t have a skatepark, it is a skatepark.

The All-Wheels Skatepark

This new All-Wheels Skatepark will be an inclusive multipurpose park with three areas that support different styles of skateboarding as well as opportunities for bikes and scooters.

Three areas:

Pool/Bowl – 10 foot Drop Zone – the only one of its kind on the Island

Street Scape – Tricks and Jumps similar to a real-world street experience

Lunar Scape – Great for Scooters, roller skates and bikes.


West Shore Parks & Recreation has donated the land for the project and the All-Wheels Skatepark will be located at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre lower park.